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Urban Guj is a tea lounge inspired by our deep-rooted relationship with India and East Africa. Teas from around the world have found their way to the West but [the essence of] their origins have been left behind…

The art of Chai

Chai means a lot of different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Pop down to the restaurant and immerse yourself in our Chai Experience. You’ll only ever want it the UG way.

What’s New

Chocolate Pani Puri

Fun dessert pani puris created with rich milk chocolate coating. Filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples, dates and pomegranates. Perfected with a chilli chocolate pani.

Tomato & Mushroom Pudla

3 delicious savoury flatbreads panned with a rich tangy vegan mayo. Filled with toasted mushrooms, blistered tomatoes.

Rajkot Bites

2 divine small circular Rajkot Bites created with a rich mildly spiced potato masala. Deep fried and drizzled with 3 gourmet chutneys, fried noodles, coriander and pomegranate.

Eggless Lollipop Waffles

Customise your own lollipop waffle with our delicious toppings.

Sauces: Chocolate | Strawberry | Salted Caramel

Chocolate: Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate | White Chocolate | Caramel Chocolate

Artisan Kulfi

Pick from any of our artisan Kulfi flavours. A delight to share…if you can. Served in plates of 3.

Flavours: Pistachio | Mango Passion | Ginger Rose

Speedy Chai

Running late and need a speedy warm chai to keep you going? We’ve introduced Speedy Chai! A quicker grab and go chai, we’ll have you ready to go in 60 seconds.

Chai Type: Speedy Masala | Speedy Ginger | Speedy Cardamom | Speedy Saffron | Speedy Karak | Speedy Kashmiri Pink

All New Group Bookings

A booking that’s going to save you tonnes of time. All we need to know are your event details and we’ll manage your guests. We firmly believe that your experience should be enjoyable and as seamless as possible. Urban Guj now allows you to choose your meals in advance, whether you’re choosing for everyone or they’re choosing for themselves.

  1. Choose your event date and the number of guests you’ll be having
  2. We’ll send you a link to share with your guests. This helps them choose what they’d like from our menu.
  3. We take care of all the preperations to make your special event hassle-free and extra special!

Eat anywhere at any time!

We deliver to you 

Make the most with our online delivery partners, we’re available via UberEats and Deliveroo! Eat anywhere at any time. We deliver fresh food to you.

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